Hey Bejeweled Babes!! <3

So most of our Bejeweled followers will know me by now as 'Laura from Bejeweled'. You will usually find me photographing product, posting content, replying to social media queries, unboxing shoes, serving all our amaze customers or deciding which ChloBo bracelet I want next. 

In between times, I am studying a masters in Marketing at Ulster University (and usually baking a cake at the same time). As part of my Marketing Analytics module, I will be writing and publishing a series of blog posts on Bejeweled At Soul's website in relation to all things Bejeweled, fashion, accessories, trends and everything else in between.

I have so many Bejeweled related things I could blog about and actually, I had written a whole different blog and was just adding links before publishing it when I discovered that BOTH products I have discussed were out of stock:)

So ... we'll get back to that next week when they are back. 

For now, we are going to discuss my favourite jewellery brand EVER, ChloBo. More specifically, ChloBo bracelets.

Before we get started, here is a quick little brief on ChloBo bracelets incase you're wondering what are they???

In Bejeweled world, ChloBo bracelets have been one of our most in-demand products for quite some time now. The bracelets are hand crafted using 925 sterling silver/18ct gold plated. They feature beaded, textured chains and many different charms, all with individual meanings which promote wellness and positivity. The idea behind ChloBo is that overtime, you collect the bracelets and build a collection of bracelets to form your own unique 'stack'. Due to the many variations of bracelets, it is very rare that any two stacks will be the same. Therefore, your stack is more or less customised by you.

To a lot of of customers, building a ChloBo bracelet collection is like an educational journey in itself. Where do you start? What bracelet is best first? Do they have to match? The questions are endless. The first and most important thing I will say is ... at the end of the day, they are bracelets. Stop over thinking it and just get started. Should it be for yourself or as a gift, you will never regret a ChloBo purchase. I have been collecting my ChloBo bracelets for 7 years now and I can safely say I love each bracelet as much as the next and I am yet to purchase/receive one as a gift that is not special to me.

chlobo bracelet

OK so, you don't have a ChloBo bracelet yet. Where do you start? First things first, what colour of jewellery do you tend to wear? Gold, silver or a bit of both? The concept behind ChloBo is layering, stacking and basically, the more you have the better. Personally, I recommend not getting too caught up in on specific colour. I have both silver and gold bracelets which I wear together at all times. However, I know some people can be fussy about not wanting to mix gold and silver and prefer their jewellery being all the one colour. Again, this is completely ok. It's your stack. I'm just making sure you make the right decision at the start so you can get the most wear out of your stack!

Secondly, consider what you want your stack to look like. Do you want a subtle stack consisting of fine, dainty bracelets and charms or would you like a chunkier, statement stack full of varied textures and some larger charms?

Next thing is think charms, have you any specific charm in mind you know you would like? One of my fav charms for stacking/layering multiple bracelets is the tassel charm - also checkout the charms meanings so you know what is the cause/meaning behind each charm. Another fab option for adding depth and textures to your collection is the stacking bracelets. These bracelets have beaded chains but do not have any charms attached. We recommend adding in a few of these when you have a few bracelets collection as they will add more textures and also prevent your stack from looking too over crowded with charms.

ChloBo bracelets are strung on a highly durable elasticated bracelet. So long as you treat you ChloBo's with care, they will last you years. If you have a particularly small or big wrist and need your bracelets resized, this can be achieved by ChloBo for a small extra cost, just get in touch with us!

To some people this blog may seem highly non-beneficial because ... they're just bracelets? Trust me, if you have stood in front of our ChloBo cabinet, filled with every variation of ChloBo bracelet you could ever imagine, then you will know all too well the overwhelming struggle of trying to choose the perfect one for yourself or as a gift. 

chlobo image

So, with all that said, I hope I have covered all your queries to help you get started with your ChloBo collection. If you have any more questions regarding our ChloBo bracelets or the ChloBo collection in general, do not hesitate to get in contact with us via social media/phone call/in-store shopping and we will be be happy to help you as always!

You can shop our full collection of ChloBo bracelets online now via this link: 


Happy Stacking<3

Love Laura x