VOYA is a luxurious skincare brand which originated in Sligo in 2006. Back then, it established itself on its strength as the world’s first certified organic seaweed-based skincare and the brand has grown rapidly ever since (is it any wonder?). Not only will VOYA products make your skin look and feel amazing, they also nourish your skin from the inside out with scientifically backed organic luxury.


Personally, I struggle with extremely dry skin and eczema. I have always struggled to find products which keep flare ups under control and even when products do help, they usually only work for a limited period of time before my luck runs out. *Side note* that I have to confess is, I am a serial self-tanner (never miss a tan Thursday), which does most definitely not help the eczema struggles. The weekly routine of tanning, scrubbing and reapplying in the past has led to some questionable tanning looks. 
When we began stocking VOYA products in 2020, I was doubtful that they were going to be any better than any other product on the market which treats eczema. Anyhow, I still felt the need to purchase a few products just incase. Fast forward a few weeks, months, years, I am the biggest advocate for VOYA products ever. My skin has never been so soft and I literally can not remember the last time I had an eczema flare up. The best part is that not only do VOYA products work like a dream with my tanning routine, the moisture within the product also prolongs my tan and ensure it comes off evenly throughout the week.
The more VOYA products which are used used together, then the more your skin will optimise the benefits of VOYA. However, to get started, the two core products which I would highly recommend investing in would be the VOYA Softly Does It Hydrating Lotion (lime & mandarin) and the VOYA Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil (lime & mandarin).
These products are my holy grail. 
VOYA  Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil (lime & mandarin).voya body lotion
VOYA  Softly Does It Hydrating Lotion (lime & mandarin) 
My method for using the two products together is apply the lotion first, usually before bed and simply apply the oil after. I do not apply the oil every single night as my body is well enough hydrated now that it does not need the oil every single night. The Hydrating Lotion blends in seamlessly to your skin and drys instantly, leaving your skin feeling nourished without the stickiness. The body oil gives your body the glow of dreams without appearing too oily and without transferring onto your clothes throughout the day, as most other body oil tend to so. *Top tip* if you are wearing a dress on a night out or have a special occasion, apply the oil to your legs for an effortless sheen and they will look amaze! VOYA products will have you feeling and smelling like you have just walked out of a spa. 
Shop the entire VOYA range here: https://bejeweledatsoul.com/collections/lifestyle/voya
Thank you all for reading & I hope this blog will be of use to at least one person out there who struggles with bad eczema!
Love, Laura x