So if like me you’re in the middle of the ‘everyone’s getting married’ era, you’ve multiple invites piling up, you’ve been to every MUA within a 10 mile radius and now every time you see the postman you want to chase him! Yip that’s me (and no my husband doesn’t deliver my mail lol!) You will know, it can be an expensive and stressful few years as you and your tribe troupe around the country, or like me spend my evenings on the sofa, ploughing through websites to find those pieces to help complete your look and be wedding guest ready!

And lets face it gone are the days of wedding season just being during the summer months; couples are now doing their own thing (hallelujah!). So whether it’s candy floss prosecco, a civil ceremony in the woods, pig on a spit or even a bride in a jumpsuit! (i wish i wore a jumpsuit). Traditions as we once knew it are changing and for the good! Us guests can break the rules too and do our own thing, (except DO NOT break the faux pas of wearing white to a wedding – be warned!).

So frig it lets wear that outfit more than once! No need to dodge the prosecco fueled snapchats or Facebook taggers! Embrace life and abort the ‘wear it once culture’, like really who actually cares? Here’s some style inspo from me for the continuing wedding season ahead, now bearing in mind I’ve went for pieces from mine & Holly’s fav brand at the mo; Hope & Ivy (yes Holly Willoughby she’s my gal lol). But don’t forget ladies these shoes and accessories would all look great with that fab dress hiding in the back of your wardrobe, just change up your look! Trust me you’ll thank me for it when you’ve got the extra cash for your Beauty Bay splurge!

Look 1 – Black Patterned Dress

I love a little embroidery and while a big summer trend we now see it move to a more ornate style for winter, this dress certainly ticks all the boxes with an ideal length and sleeves!!! Yes sleeves!! How hard is it to find a dress with sleeves for our gorge Irish weather? These shoes add the perfect pop of colour, I’m mad about the ombre effect. Continuing the ornate style these earrings and ring from Danish brand Dyrberg Kern compliment the look. Finally, I’ve added a simple silver metallic textured pouch to lift the look!

Look 2 – Block Colour Dress

Yes, i just hadda get a red dress in my post, it’s one of this season’s most trending colours! All i gotta say is don’t be afraid, embrace it a little! Even if it’s a Qudo topper with a red stone for your ring – baby steps lol! Not letting the dress do all the talking I’ve added these show stopper stilettos! Tied in the black and silver with the super sleek Rosefield watch – every woman needs one of these! Black sparkle pouch clutch to tie in with the shoes, and my new fav earrings at the mo, (they’re only £25!) – I love that they’re all silver, no fraying threads here ladies!

Look 3 – Jumpsuit (cause not everyone loves dresses)

I just had to add a Jumpsuit, and of course rose gold accessories!! Look at those stilettos girls! – rose gold chrome; prefect to lift the rose tone in the print! I’ve chosen these Guess jewellery pieces as they are adorned with iridescent Swarvorski stones, and i feel they’d compliment the jumpsuit perfectly! And well, I had to get a little nail art inspo in there too! if you watch our Snapchat you’re sure to know my nails are always done, my lil guilty pressure. (Nails – Credit Instagram)

So when i first started writing my blog post I toyed around for half a day with one paragraph! Writing was never my strong point at school I preferred art class or hitting a hockey ball around the pitch. But I thought after all my rambling it was only fair to show you all me wearing my fav Hope & Ivy piece at a recent wedding, and yes i will be wearing it again to another!, here’s how easy it is to change it up a little! I might even wear it to our Christmas party, I’m so over the ‘wear it once culture’.

DressEarringsFaux FurShoesBag

But remember girls the best thing you can wear is a smile, even if hunger hits during the speeches and the last time you ate was that biscuit you had with your tea at the hairdressers at 8am that morning! (Trust me I’ve been there!)

Hope you love my inspo just as much as I love working with these girls, our amazing journey so far and all the fab opportunities it has brought! #BLESSED

Rach X