Not sure about you, but as much as I loved having the kids off I began to tire of the school holidays.  Don’t get me wrong I ADORE having time with the kids but it is hard not to get stressed over the mess, constant carousel of food & the perpetual guilt of thinking you aren’t giving your little darlings the most fun filled day of their lives, all while insisting they must make their own fun…  I’ve turned into my mum “go play yourselves, that good day” she used to shout at us (Yes, she actually said that!!! But just to clarify she meant just go play). So now we are back in the thick of it, I am on a mission to feel better and more confident about myself; therefore I’ve planned a “back to school wardrobe” AKA school gate style. We’ve all been there; hair dragged through a brush backwards look/no makeup…

At this point I should admit I researched this a little and to my ultimate horror I read an article about dropping your kids off at the school gate in West London and how you had to be careful as your fashion will dictate your friends!!!!  So if you didn’t look cool in your Seven jeans & fur gilet no one took any notice of you, but be careful not to look too polished otherwise you will alienate the stay at home mums and won’t be invited for morning coffee…. SERIOUSLY??? Thankfully I don’t think any of us have become that shallow.

So here’s me, not a groomed person by nature, that has no claim to know anything more than anyone else about fashion, sharing with you my back to school wardrobe rules so whether; you’re the full-time working mum dropping your kids off with the guilty look on your face, because you feel you are rushing them  (I’ve been there), the sporty mum bouncing in with your Lycra (I’ve been there too but it’s been so long I forget how I looked) or the stay at home mum with sooooo much to do (I’ve also been there), I have the look for you!

So here’s all it takes;

A Great Coat

At this time of year it’s all people see apart from the feet so a new coat is always a great investment. This year it’s all about the leopard, but for me that’s every year!  Don’t panic if mad print isn’t your thing, stick with a classic solid colour coat & change it up with a scarf or two, the cosier the better!

Let’s get real we live in Ireland it pours so a hood is essential (however I always have another coat on the side for those not so rainy days where I want a more fun less practical look). This isn’t something I invest in every year; my Tommy Hilfiger puffer jacket is in its second year and still perfect. Considering I have probably wore it for 46 weeks of the year it’s a great investment.

A Pair Of Jeans Or Two

One blue denim; one black; As a rule I don’t splurge on black jeans. The fact of the matter is no matter how much you pay they wash out – New Look is great for black jeans, go for mid or high rise (I can’t cope with the constant hoisting them up) and do try on, its ok if they’re a LITTLE tight in the changing room they always stretch.

Now blue denim, for me this is worth an investment.  I’m happy to pay a little more and get a little more back, plus I never need a pair of scales – if the jeans are too tight I need to stop eating caramel squares from Grays.

Good Footwear

Of course I’m going to tell you all your shoes should be from Bejeweled At Soul, but seriously we really do have all avenues covered.  If you know me, you will have seen me in my Bourbon by Amy Huberman trainers, right now they’re ticking every box; A bit sleeker than a usual trainer, not as bulky & they’ve even got glitter!

Next up a flat tan boot & a dressy black boot… BOOM that’s me done with the feet unless I decide I need a little treat through the year.  One thing we will always agree on is comfort, and in the crazy world of being a Super Mum (whatever that is, I’m not there yet) we need comfy feet.

A Killer Accessory

Whether it is a pop of colour with a scarf, fab necklace or a great handbag, this will be the first thing people will notice, It won’t matter what else your wearing!

Nothing else matters if you work with all of the above you could wear nothing but your bra beneath your coat and it wouldn’t matter pick up a few tops and cosy jumpers and you are good to go!
If I could give you one more bit of advice – prep the night before, it’s the oldest trick in the book but it’s the best – this is where you leave the morning madness behind

Tracy, X