Having been open for 14 years and a lot of us being here for most of that time many of you have got to know the girls behind the name! With 9 ladies calling 51 Main Street; work, the conversations on fashion, beauty, babies and just about EVERYTHING in between is endless and that’s just in the kitchen!

No 2 Bejeweled babes are the same, we each have our own style, hobbies, loves and personalities and luckily for us we get the opinions and recommendations of 8 other ladies to help us no matter what it is! Therefore, we thought it was only fair to share those thoughts and opinions with you lovely lot!

We plan on posting a new blog post regulary, this could either be one of our ladies on their own or a group post complied of all of our favourite things. The posts can and will be on just about everything, whatever we are excited about at that time. It could be travel, beauty, babies or even something as simple as an amazing tv show one of our girls won’t stop talking about!

While we all differ one thing remains the same with all of us, we have a major love for fashion. So expect lots of posts on our favourite pieces of the season and how we ourselves have styled them (you would be surprised how many outfits we can make around one pair of shoes!).

So, before we start it’s only fair to get to know the ladies behind Bejeweled at Soul;

Tracy: Our Whirlwind;

In between running a business, building a house and being mum of two kids were not sure if Tracy sleeps anymore! However, she still manages to find time to visit her favourite place of all Downings, if you can’t find her just head for the beach she’ll sure be there.

Ursula: Our Beach Babe;

We’re not too sure Ursula sleeps either, if she’s not in work you might find her paddle boarding, walking the beach, chilling in Harry’s shack or living it up at a festival in her camper van. Of course wherever she goes Master Teddy goes too! (he even had to get in the photo!).

Danielle: Our Yummy Mummy;

The latest addition to the Bejeweled Family! Danielle joined us in March and it’s just like she’s always been here! When she’s not a work she is giving all her attention to Baby Josh. We may be biased, but he really is the cutest! #ourboyjosh

Aine: Our Style Queen; 

Aine has and always will be our style queen whether it’s clothing or homeware Aine is our go to girl. She is essentially our Anna Wintour if she loves it she will tell you, if she doesn’t you will know. Honesty is the best policy after all and so many of you love her for it!

Sharon: Our Mrs Fix it;

If Sharon can’t fix it no one can, whether it’s the finest piece of jewellery or assembling a huge display Sharon is our girl. She has the patience of a saint and quite literally is one for having to put up with us lot leaving little trails of destruction behind us.

Pauline: Our Calm Among The Storm; 

Whatever it is Pauline will always be on hand to offer the best advice, give us a giggle or tell us the wildest stories. She has a heart of gold and is our brainbox making sure all things Bejeweled are running perfectly in the background.

Rachel: Our Snapchat Queen;

Many of you have come to know and love our “local celeb” Rach on Snapchat constantly tempting everyone with all the new arrivals and showing a behind the scenes look in to the madness that is Bejeweled! Our Newlywed and Jetsetter, we hate to admit it but yes, that tan is real!! Please Note; Rachel takes no responsibility in the divorces caused by her snapchats.

Megan: Our Graduate;

Having just graduated from University, Our student is no more and while she figures out her next step Megs is on hand which the skincare, fashion advice and general silliness. If she’s not at work she’s is probably on one of her many holidays and there is MANY!

Laura: Our Bejeweled Baby; 

While she may be the youngest of the Bejeweled babes our Laura Lou is always on hand with the style and beauty advice. She is our go to when it’s comes to the latest trends in both the fashion and beauty world. We’re pretty certain she secretly works for Zara and gets commission on every Mary Lou Luminiser Highlighter bought!

We could talk for hours about our girls, we have the dream team run by two major girl bosses, we are so excited for you to get to know each of our ladies and their personalities as well as we do!

Check back soon to see which of our ladies is up first!

The Bejeweled Babes x