Designer Fashion is something I have always been obsessed with, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are nothing short of Idols in my eyes, Gucci can never do wrong, I can quote word for word The Devil Wears Prada . However as much as I love all things designer it’s doesn’t mean I can justify spending hundreds if not thousands on one item. Once you start considering the number of pairs of shoes you could buy, weekends away you could have, or fancy gin’s you could drink, that £600 bag you have been dreaming off very quickly becomes unjustifiable.

Which is why I have become a pro at finding the perfect dupes. If you see it on the catwalk or on your favourite celeb you can be sure it will be in the shops in a matter of months for a quarter if not less of the price. So, with that in mind I thought I would show you 10 of our favourite designer dupes from this seasons collection and the huge differences in price.

Balenciaga £475 Vs Amy Huberman £80 Saving £395
Fendi £1350 Vs Fiorelli £75 Saving £1275
Laurence Decade £771 Vs Hispanitas £140 Saving £631
Jennifer Meyer £1180 Vs Rebecca My World £60 Saving £1120
Jimmy Choo £525 Vs Amy Huberman £79.99 Saving £445.01
Balenciaga £885 Vs Pia Rossini £50 Saving £835
Valentino £1710 Vs Fiorelli £70 Saving £1640
Tiffany and Co £1575 Vs Take What You Need £40 Saving £1535
Givenchy £965 Vs Alpe £98 Saving £867
Larson & Jennings £230 Vs Rosefield £89.95 Saving £140.05

As much as I love designers items, the dupe life will always be for me (that is unless I win the lotto!) However if you are considering buying a designer piece, the biggest rule when buying designer is to buy classic, anything trend led isn’t worth it, because two months later the “fashion gods” will declare the end of the trend and that’s it!

Basically, everything that isn’t designer has been influenced by it, and often you will find the dupes are nicer than the real thing! So it’s basically win win!

Plus if your ever looking for a great excuse to justify the newest pair of Bejewleled babies in your wardrobe, just think of how much money you could have spent! Instead of buying the designer pair you got the shoes and now you can take them out on the town too!

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Megs x