Mya Bay Streak Texture Bangle - Silver

Mya Bay Streak Texture Bangle - Silver


We’re in love with this brand!!! Making a wonderful gift whether it be for yourself or someone else. This Mya Bay Silver Streak Texture Bracelet was inspired by the journey aswell as the discovery of cities and countries. It will bring escape and character to your wrist!

  • Colour: Silver
  • Diameter base – 56-59-62 (mm)
  • Size/Closure – 3 position closure

About the brand:

Sophie Johnen has been designing the Mya Bay jewellery range as a reflection of her own audacious, slightly crazy yet elegant style. Modeling her first piece based on the slave bracelet was no coincidence. Her very first memories of jewellery date back to when her grandmother used to give her, and women in the family ‘saccalava’ bracelets. These are traditional rigid bracelets worn by women from the Indian ocean. 

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